Self-explorers with Youth: Youth Group

Self-explorers with Youth:  Youth Group

Starting APRIL 7, 6 PM-7 PM, Wednesdays.

As seats are limited, we invite you to register now.

Please contact:

Young Muslims will be empowered and encouraged to pursue post-secondary education and work opportunities. They will have increased awareness of and access to resources that may enable them to pursue these opportunities. These programs will expand the network of MSS support in the community as well.

Our goals have always been to help young Muslims to develop their character and create a strong bond among themselves. You can count on us to assist you and your family in staying on the right path and facing all of life’s obstacles righteously.

MSS offers a wide variety of programming for children and youth. Check out ongoing and past programs below!

  • Rohingya Youth Voices
  • Lead the Way Mental Health Leadership Training Program
  • Music Therapy Workshops
  • Rohingya Youth Voices
  • Yoga workshops

MSS helps young Muslims become better versions of themselves by giving them practical “Self-help” tools & guides. We create self-development material that works around the psychology of the “Nafs” and is derived authentically from the Quran and Sunnah.

In this popular conversational circle, our youth explores various self-help skills and improve their academic achievement in a friendly environment.



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