Belonging and Identity

In providing the community with respectful, spiritually and culturally sensitive services, MSS creates a welcoming space for belonging and identity formation

MSS emphasizes newcomer integration and belonging, offering a range of supports including:

  • Language courses and translation services
  • Provisions for mental and physical well-being
  • Multi-lingual counselling
  • Employment and education assistance
  • Computer literacy training
  • Youth engagement opportunities

The Bridge Builder

MSS is integral to building bridges between newcomer individuals/families and mainstream organizations, helping refugees and immigrants “navigate the system” and have their voices heard 

  • MSS often acts as the mediator between newcomer community members and service providers, helping to build relationships and networks
  • For newcomers, MSS has various programs and workshops designed to help them learn about life in Canada
    • Programs that introduce and connect new Canadians to service providers are especially well received

Intercultural Competency 

MSS offers ongoing training and workshops to mainstream organizations, providing them with the proper tools to better serve an increasingly diverse community 

  • Community partners agree that the intercultural competency training and trauma training MSS offers is of utmost importance, significantly benefiting service providers and the wider community
    • Many stakeholders say they would like to see even more of this kind of training in the future