Outstanding Refugee Award

Anwar Arkani, a longtime MSS volunteer was honoured with the outstanding  refugee award at the 2014 World Refugee Day. He was recognized for his  human  rights activism and incredible dedication to making  lives of Rohingya refugees in  KW better. Himself a refugee, Anwar has been involved in the resettlment of  Rohingya refugees in KW area since 2007. Anwar is passionate about education  and has been instrumental in starting a weekend school for Rohingya children and  adults. He is also engaged in developing an online Rohigya language system.  Anwar is the founder and Chairman of the Rohingya Association of Canada.




  Waterloo-Wellingotn Diversity Award

MPP Catherine Fife presented Zainab Ramahi,a long term youth volunteer of MSS, the first ever Waterloo-Wellington Diversity Award at the Tamil Cultural Associaiton 25th anniversary  Diversity Gala on Saturday April 26, 2014. This award recognizes individuals who have made  outstanding contributions to the vitality and well-being of our region by honouring
them as Champions of Community and Diversity.Criteria taken into consideration included cultural upliftment, recordof service and impact, both within a particular community or association, and in the community at large.  Zainab was honoured for her work with MSS,  as well as her contributions to the larger community.