For adults, multiple programs run to help newcomers face challenges that arise while settling into Canada. MSS programs work with integrating newcomers by not only helping them navigate the system or creating a bridge between service providers and newcomers; but also by being their advocate, addressing and raising awareness to gaps and needs. MSS provides mental health education and community leadership training for newcomers / ethnic linguistic communities leaders in Waterloo Region.  We provide these services to address the mental health struggle isolation, and inability to access health services amongst the refugee and newcomer Kitchener-Waterloo communities. Other programs will assist newcomer parents in adjusting to Canadian society, connecting with peers, and becoming active participants in the community. Programs include:

-Ladies tea time

-I belong

-Men group

-Taking care of wellbeing

-Lead the way- mental health Leadership training program

-Safer families

-Computer Literacy

-One Step Closer

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