Introduction to Accounting

Four Easy Steps to Learning Simple Bookkeeping for Non-Profits – Jan 16, 2013, The Family Centre2:15-4:15

A workshop by Abbas Hyder


This session is jointly presented by The Family Centre and Muslim Social Services of KW. Most people with non-accounting backgrounds think that bookkeeping is a difficult task. On the contrary, learning bookkeeping can be an easy task if approached the right way. This session will provide an easy 4 step learning guide which has been very helpful for many other organizations and small businesses. The goal of this 2 hour session is not to train you into a professional bookkeeper; rather the aim is to train you to the point where, for simple tasks, you do not have to waste your time in tedious paperwork nor pay hefty fees to a professional bookkeeper.


Abbas Hyder: Abbas is a principal accountant and the President of Compendium Nancial Inc, a local accounting and consulting firm.

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