Fathers Group

Muslim Social Service’s Coalition of Muslim Parents: Fathers’ Group.

Fathers matter and they meet weekly to discuss parenting issues.

Starting MARCH 6, 6 PM-7 PM, Tuesdays.

As seats are limited, we invite you to register now.

Contact: coordinator@muslimsocialserviceskw.org

Join our Fathers Group Program.

This is a culturally sensitive, experiential group learning and an open conversation about fatherhood and parenting in general. This will be delivered once a week over 6 weekly sessions – each session is 1.5 hours.

Some of the topics you will cover on this course are:

  • Parenting Styles – What does being assertive parenting really mean?
  • The role of Dad as a Role Model – Learn how you are showing them the way
  • The role of Dad as a Protector – How to balance boundaries and independence
  • The role of Dad as a Provider – How to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of your child/ren
  • The role of Dad as a Teacher – What are rights and responsibilities?
  • The role of Dad as a Supporter – How to build your child’s self esteem and confidence

This course offers Fathers an opportunity to meet other fathers, share experiences, learn from each other and get some advice and strategies to help them to support their children.

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