Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Register now for our upcoming events! Email info@muslimsocialserviceskw.org.

Fathers Group

Fathers Group

Muslim Social Service’s Coalition of Muslim Parents: Fathers’ Group. Fathers matter and they meet weekly to discuss parenting issues. Starting MARCH 6, 6 PM-7 PM, Tuesdays. As seats are limited, we invite you to register now. Contact:... read more

Turkish Courses

Turkish Course Weekly Online Turkish Lessons for Beginners Learning Turkish in a most engaging and fun way! Starting APRIL 5, 6 PM-7 PM, Mondays As seats are limited, we invite you to register now. Please contact:... read more

Ladies Virtual Tea-Time

Weekly group for women to get connected with each other, especially during COVID -19 related isolating and uncertain times. Prepare your cup of tea and let’s have a relaxing time together via zoom. Thursdays 4:30 – 5:30 pm Start Date: Feb... read more

Positive Parenting

Weekly group for parents to support with parenting issues during COVID-19 related isolation, homeschooling, and changed family routines. Mondays 5- 6 pm Start Date: February... read more

Resilient Girls

Weekly group to assist young girls to build resilience, self-esteem, networking skills, and knowhow about family dynamics during COVD-19 related uncertain times. Age group: 13- 18 years Wednesdays 4-5 pm Start Date: Feb... read more

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