• August 9 – Lead the Way – MSS Community Leadership Training
  • September 8- I Belong
  • September 21- Ladies Tea Time
  • September 28 – Stress Management and Self-Care workshop
  • October 12th – Happy Marriage
  • October 26th – Time Management Workshop
  • November 16th – Parenting Workshop


  • Dec 17 – Beyond Translation for Arabic speakers
  • December 4 – Community Health Fair
  • November 7 – Volunteer training: The core of our mission is serving the community and we need your help. MSS volunteers get to know their communities, empower children and youth, create welcoming spaces for refugee women, and share valuable skills with to prepare newcomers for life in Canada.Do you speak more than one language? We are especially looking for multilingual volunteers, particularly those who speak Dari, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, or Urdu.
  • October 28 – December 2: Positive Parenting Project, Strategies for the Teenage years
  • October 31 – November 28: Computer Basics 101
  • March 22 – University 101: A program for newcomer refugee and immigrant youth Ages 14-18

A youth led initiative to provide new Canadian refugee and immigrant youth a chance to learn about post-secondary education in Canada. This event will include interactive activities, presentations, and group discussions.
Topics include:
–  Understanding what educational experience beyond high school can look like
–  Listening to current university students about their journey to university
–  Gaining insight about benefits and challenges of post-secondary education and how to prepare
–  Reflecting upon possible career paths


  • Out of the cold March 2014
  • January 16 – Introduction to Accounting: A workshop for small not for profit organizations
  • January 23 – Mental Health and new comer integration: A workshop for Chandler community multicultural group leaders
  • Workshop for Volunteers
  • Training the leaders –  A group of social workers, physicians, Imams, educators and other community leaders was trained in a series of workshops on issues of family violence and conflict resolution
  • Safer Families workshop for community leaders Feb 2013
  • Conflict resolution from an Islamic perspective


  • Community Meals: MSS cooked meals for over three hundred people at Trinity United Church as part of the Out of the cold program and over five hundred meals at the St. John’s Soup Kitchen
  • Out of the Cold 2013
  • Ramadan Food Drive: In 2013, MSS raised close to ten thousand dollars to feed the needy during Ramadan. Over 130 food coupons were issued to the people in need. Ramadan Food Drive 2013


  • Welcome to Canada- Youth: A youth-led initiative to provide new Canadian refugee youth a chance to learn about life in Canada. Each week will include physical activity, computer time, creative arts and a guest lecturer.
    • Week 1: Welcome and Conversation with Organic Groove Drumming Circle
    • Week 2: Healthy Body Healthy Minds with Craig Bauman; Creative Hands bookmarking with Prof. Judith Miller
    • Week 3: Gang Violence with Josh Dills, Substance Abuse with Adam Rauf
    • Week 4: Constable Mark Koiter, Tai Chi with Cold Mountain’s Steve Higgins


  • Welcome to Canada – mothers & children: A series of integration workshops for mothers. Topics include: physical and mental health, parenting, school settlement issues and more. The children’s program includes story time, songs, finger puppet plays and crafts.
  • Welcome to Canada- Youth: A youth-led initiative to provide new Canadian refugee youth a chance to learn about life in Canada. Each week will include physical activity, computer time, creative arts and a guest lecturer.
    • Week 1: Conflict Resolution with William Gentle
    • Week 2: School Integration with Lori Butler
    • Week 3: Anger and Stress Management with Gillian Wells
    • Week 4: Mental Health with Dr. Kathy Lawrence
    • Week 5: Physical Health, Nutrition and Substance Abuse, with Dr. Chris Steingart and Adam Rauf
  • Muslim-Mennonite Dialogue: As part of an ongoing Muslim-Mennonite Dialogue, MSS youth and Mennonite Youth come together each month at Mennonite Central Committee to pack medical, school and relief kits.
  • Storytimes: MSS welcomes refugee children age 5-7 to a series of Storytimes sessions.  Enjoy a warm welcome, inspiring stories, joyful songs, fun fingerplays, playful puppets and creative crafts!
  • Udhiya Program: If you are planning to do udhiya locally this year, please consider donating a portion for the needy in our community. MSS will be distributing coupons to families in need who will pick up meat directly from local halal butchers. Each family will receive packages of 5lbs or more, depending on the size of the family. The leftover meat will then be donated to the House of Friendship halal meat program or the Regional Food Bank halal meat program.

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