Suicide is one of the top ten causes of death in Canada. It is a serious public health problem with harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities.

Evidence has indicated that one of the most common risk factors for suicide is a diagnosis of mental health problems.

Fortunately, culturally sensitive interventions and programs are available that can make a difference. Muslim Social Services is very exciting to launch a new platform, Hear Me Out. As part of MSS’s ongoing commitment to vital and vibrant communities, we are creating a range of evidence-based resources and educational programs.

In Hear Me Out platform, the MSS staff’s focus is to provide culturally sensitive educational programs for Muslim and non-Muslim communities in our region. We believe that partnerships are the key to building capacity and raising awareness on this sensitive and increasing mental health concern.

In our community-led, culturally, and religiously sensitive program, we build on community expertise to develop and implement suicide interventions tailored to local Muslim contexts. For more information please email us: