About Us

Muslim Social Services Kitchener-Waterloo is a charitable organization that provides culturally- and spiritually-sensitive humanitarian and social services to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of the Waterloo Region. MSS aims to foster a healthy and inclusive region where people can live with dignity and respect. We aim to create a deep sense of belonging in community members from collectivist contexts through programs aimed at leveraging the resilience of children and youth, creating safer families, through community outreach initiatives, counselling, bridge-building, and capacity-building.

Our approaches to service are integrated and reflective of unique community contexts. We are a small organization that has been able to offer a wide range of programs and service and build our reputation through strong community partnerships. The MSS office is located in The Family Centre, and we are actively engaged in the collaborative atmosphere of the Community Hub.

MSS is a charitable organization and the registration number of our charity is 848686309RR0001.


Our Mission:  Serving the community


Our Goal

MSS aims to foster a healthy, inclusive environment and provides various opportunities of learning and personal growth through its educational, outreach, and support initiatives; it seeks to create an understanding of Islam and Muslims in Canada, build bridges with other faith communities as well as mainstream social service and community organizations.


Our Vision

MSS envisions an inclusive community that understands everyone’s needs and provides support for all.


Our Commitment

MSS offers diversity training workshops, seminars about Islam and Muslims, as well as training workshops for schools administrators, university and college staff, health professionals, police, social workers and other community organizations. Such training workshops help members of organizations develop a keen sense of awareness of Islam devoid of stereotypes and grasp the diversity of Muslims in Canada. It helps them find a way to support their Muslim students, clients or colleagues in a supportive and culturally sensitive manner.


Our Values

All activities of Muslim Social Services demonstrate:

  • Faith-based principles: Demonstrating the strengths and caring of the Islamic faith.
  • Inclusivity: Filling the gaps that prevent people from feeling they are a valued member of the Kitchener-Waterloo community.
  • Compassion: Treating everyone in a sincere, generous, kind, and compassionate manner.
  • Respect: Treating all persons equally and fairly in an accepting and non-judgmental manner.
  • Confidentiality: Holding the highest regard for trust and privacy, and upholding the highest professional ethical standards. No information about the participants will be revealed regarding their identity or circumstances. Read our Privacy Policy here.
  • Social Justice: Creating a society that encourages and celebrates the value of all persons.